Nets 1-1: thin lines stretch outward from the bottom left quarter of the image, fully covering the canvas in a gradient from white to green to black

Nets is a series of automated procedures for image generation. Thousands of crossing lines stretch across a digital canvas, softly shifting color according to the angle of the line. A myriad of textures result from the randomly scattered threads.

Nets 1-1  c1r240g240b240-c2r0g34b0-c3r0g0b0

Nets 1-2  c1r4g119b75-c2r7g39b155-c3r109g5b4

Nets 1-3  c1r54g77b136-c2r230g129b171-c3r55g205b235

Nets 1-4  c1r240g240b240-c2r255g0b0-c3r0g0b0